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Profit Increasing Campaigns

Whether you're running an existing campaign or a sole-operator wanting to grow the team, we've developed a proven systematic approach to reproducing our successes for clients. Our processes allow us to provide a better marketing framework which drives profitable campaigns. We provide digital marketing for tradies, the right way!

Holistic Approach

Rather than trying to conquer the world and tackle every industry, we've become the go-to digital marketing agency for tradies looking for consistency, first-round results vs churning through 3 or 4 agencies. With a results-driven holistic approach, we're able to relate deeper than other agencies as to your concerns, targets & KPI's and adapt our strategies to suit your growth.

Innovative & Dyanmic

We are driven by your success! We are comitted to assisting our clients in achieving their objectives and exceeding their expectations. Our desire isn't simply for client success; it's also to find and invest in new marketing strategies and techniques so that you may profit and outperform your competition.

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About TMG

We fuse aggression with impact to achieve remarkable results for ambitious tradies.

We value our clients and believe that by being the aggressive growth hackers for tradies we can better serve you by focusing on what we do best – accelerate trades businesses. The more success we achieve for our client, the more work we will do together.

The success of your business is largely dependent on how well you publicise and market it. By embarking on mutual success, as you grow, we grow while cementing a long-term relationship built around quick wins and demonstrating profitable wins your accountant will respect.

We have a vested interest in your success and will continue to work with you on this basis to ensure the right strategies are put in place to meet your KPI’s.

When you have the opportunity to work with tradies every day; you’re able to understand the industries better, build closer relationships and actually appreciate why the client is in business. While it can be rewarding tackling every niche, being able to create a systematic approach to digital marketing and a repeatable one that not only impresses tradies but delivers results they can go back to their accountants and verify and be thrilled about is an awesome feeling that you’ve made a tangible difference to a companies bottom line.

James Buchannan – Senior Digital Strategist

We're cut-throat, transparent growth hackers! Discover how to drink from the skulls of your competition.

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Our high-impact digital marketing services are guaranteed to help improve your visibility. When your customers are on the hunt, be front of mind!

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Our high-impact SEO campaigns are guaranteed to lower your CPA's, increase your profits, grow your team while ensuring the business is around in 5 years time to fight.

Web Development

Web Development

We create sales machines - conversion optimised, visually impressive, mobile first, with fresh trends your competitors will want to replicate themselves.

PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

Google Ads is one of the fastest ways to attract new leads, generate the quality leads at a more cost-effective price allowing you scalability without big costs.

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Clarity & Peace Of Mind To Make The Right Marketing Decisions

Make Marketing Decisions With Confidence.

Unfortunately, most tradies we come into contact with are simply attempting to promote for the sake of it without truly comprehending how much of their marketing budget is going down the drain. You’re not alone if this resonates with you. Most tradies are caught in this exhausting cycle of marketing failure due to the enormous amount of misinformation delivered by sales people who are only interested in one thing… your wallet. There’s a massive disconnect within agencies where sales people will often do whatever it takes to make a sale, hand the campaign over to the marketing strategist only for it not to actually be achievable.

The good news is that excellent digital marketing isn’t as difficult or fuzzy as many people think. Once you grasp the fundamentals, you’ll feel much more in control and better equipped to make educated judgments about your marketing investment, which will make you considerably happier with the results you can clearly see.


What Other Tradesman Say About Us

The staff at Tradie Marketing Gurus are brilliant. They have significantly increased my visibility across Google. They've gone the extra mile to ensure that I get the maximum exposure and ensure I receive consistent leads. I would strongly recommend their services.

    Peter Newburg


    Tradie Marketing Group have been able to accelerate our growth tremendously. They've advised us on critical business decisions to ensure our marketing remains ahead of our competitors and that we remain front of mind. Our visibility on Google has skyrocketed since partnering with TMG.

      Carlton Markovic


      Thanks TMG! Our specialist was extremely knowledgeable and skilled in the SEO space. We saw fast results and have been really happy with the service we've decided o expand our strategy further.

        Michael Ward

        Deck builder

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