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About Tradie Marketing Gurus

We fuse aggression with impact to achieve remarkable results for ambitious tradies.

We value our clients and believe that by being the aggressive growth hackers for tradies we can better serve you by focusing on what we do best – accelerate trades businesses. The more success we achieve for our client, the more work we will do together.

The success of your business is largely dependent on how well you publicise and market it. By embarking on mutual success, as you grow, we grow while cementing a long-term relationship built around quick wins and demonstrating profitable wins your accountant will respect.

We have a vested interest in your success and will continue to work with you on this basis to ensure the right strategies are put in place to meet your KPI’s.


Tradie Marketing Group have been able to accelerate our growth tremendously. They've advised us on critical business decisions to ensure our marketing remains ahead of our competitors and that we remain front of mind. Our visibility on Google has skyrocketed since partnering with TMG.

    Carlton Markovic


    Who We Are

    We Turn Advertising Into Profits

    Our agency is a partner for tradies who are eager to receive more leads and have the capabilities to keep up with our marketing pace. We understand the challenges of starting up your own trades business and even trying to scale an existing one. The decision to work with particular clients is ultimately one whether we can ensure we can deliver the results you’re after but also a project we can stand proud behind and use as a case study.

    At Tradie Marketing Group (TMG), we get excited about getting your business traction. We’ve assisted hundreds of plumbers, electricians, builders, fencers and other small trades businesses increase their profits. TMG has stood the years and held up our end of the deal with clients by providing consistent results that allow them to focus on what they need to focus on – the vision for the business. While other internet marketing agencies focus on all areas of digital marketing and will work with any client, we’re able to operate more effectively by providing a competitive, focused digital marketing strategy that increases foot traffic and profits.

    We’re not just a bunch of millennials who play with Snapchat or Tumbler. We use only the most effective techniques to produce results that genuinely make an impact.

    Before we start working together, we:

    • Do a thorough breakdown of your business as well as your competitors
    • Next, we analyse the numbers to find the most effective digital marketing strategy for your company
    • We then present the information to you in an easy-to comprehend format, so that you’re aware of how much you’re investing and when you can expect results and how we plan on strengthening our partnership and grow your profits.


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    At This Point, You're Likely More Or Less Skeptical Of The "Digital Marketing" Industry.

    Perhaps you tried your cousin’s brother who did a degree in digital marketing or signed up to an internet marketing agency that offered the world and delivered a lacklustre service or no results. All of it sounded great in the abstract, they could talk the talk, however, when it came to delivering on their promises, they couldn’t walk the walk. Why? Their overheads were sky crazy because they’ve tried to be a jack of all trades but a master of none.